Acknowledged Problems

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    "I will investigate" has sync problems

    Recently we have seen problems with the "I will investigate" functionality. It has mainly 2 issues:

    1. A person can "hang" as "investigating" on other persons' Catlight instance, while the person in question has a Catlight instance that says he/she is not currently investigating anything. - this one is critical, because we have errors that aren't looked into for a long while, until somebody asks the person why he/she hasn't fixed the error yet...!
    2. "Investigating" isn't cleared after a green build, but must instead manually be cleared. This also leads to wrong behavior, because if a build breaks, a person investigates,
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    No notification - Jenkins & Win10

    Peter Michael Bys√łe · 2 · Last reply by catlight


    I have CatLight version 2.15.8. I have all settings for notifications on and listening on all branches. I can see when the build is running, failing, is done, etc. in catlight, but there is no notification popping up in windows. What could I do?