Frequently Asked Questions

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    Does CatLight support multiple VSTS accounts?

    John Rummell · 2 · Last reply by John Rummell

    I use many different VSTS accounts based on what client I'm currently working with? Do you support multiple VSTS accounts?

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    How to flag the specific user that broke the build

    Martin · 3 · Last reply by catlight


    I'm just trying catlight with jenkins p4 plugin. Seems lightweight and very easy to get going.

    As things stand I can see "somebody broke the build a few secs ago".

    Is there a way to configure to attach a real userid?




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    how to add a jenkins with custom https certificate (needs an exception in normal browsers)

    Daniel Fahlke · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    Probably the same as for other self hosted services?

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    Question on your VSTS integration

    Abhijeet · 1 · Last reply by catlight


    I am a developer working in VSTS for Microsoft. In CatLight's integration with VSTS, does it make a call to the following REST API to get a list of a user's VSTS accounts?

    And if so, which fields do you consume? I am assuming just the AccountUri field or both AccountUri and AccountName.


    Also, I was going through CatLight's initial start experience, and it seemed to me that you are able to figure out the VSTS account that I am currently signed into, but it's not clear to me how you pick one particular account since my user

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    Why is tray icon yellow when all builds are passing?

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    Since 1.5.4, CatLight will show yellow icon if some of the connections need configuration. 

    Typically, connection will need configuration when server no longer accepts you credentials or authentication token expires.

    To resolve this, you can either configure or remove connection.

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    TFS 15 preview support

    Jesse Houwing · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    TFS 15 Preview has just been released and catlight is unable to authenticate against it. I suppose this is due to changes in the REST API, now accepting Bearer tokens as well as NTLM authentication.

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    Proxy authentication

    John Braamskamp · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    I am trying to connect to VSTS through a proxy server, but I cannot enter proxy credentials anywhere.

    Getting the error: 

    • Cannot connect: The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.
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    Custom UI

    Ken Andersen · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    Is it possible to make UI better visible from distance? Tiny green or red squares are only visible on close-up inspection, and not appropriate for display in a wider area.

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    How can I add CatLight to Windows startup?

    Keith · 3 · Last reply by catlight

    CatLight was not installed to my Start Menu's Startup folder. How can I add it there so that CatLight starts when Windows starts but only in the system tray, without opening the CatLight window? Is there a command line argument to do this?

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    Jenkins - Reorder selected job

    Aravind · 1 · Last reply by catlight


    First of all, great utility and keep up the good work!

    When configured to use a jenkins server, after I select the jobs I'm interested in, how do i re-order the display order of these jobs in the Dashboard?

    CatLight for Windows v1.7.14 Beta



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    Heaps of toast.exe processes in task manager

    Cédric Bourneville · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    After having Catlight running for a while, I'm getting a ton of toast.exe processes in task manager.

    Anyone know why they are there, and how to stop them?



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    How to install catlight on ubuntu16.04

    jian cheung · 2 · Last reply by jian cheung

    Hi,May i ask about how to install catlight on ubuntu16.04,because i can't install it by using the package which was download on catlight downloading page.thank u! 

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    How to add Jenkins Connection? (Jenkins has Google Auth)

    Yml Test YML · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    I have a Jenkins server which is configured to have Google Auth for a specific domain to be logged in. (It is an office CI tool)

    Good news is, I'm Admin of that so I can do modifications to get this thing going.

    Bad news is, I do not know how can I do the modification such that I can create a connection on CatLight. 

    Please assist.

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    Paid version

    Graham Hobson · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    There is a paid version due towards the end of this year.

    1. Can you tell me what constitutes a big enough development team to be deemed required to pay.

    2. If a company is categorized as 'bigger' and has downloaded CatLight for use in its team, what will happen to that software. Will it just be come unsupported and disallowed from updates/fixes?


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    Why is setup so big?

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    Catlight itself is a small app. It it is built on Electron and .Net Core frameworks. These frameworks are quite large and are included into setup file, so you don't have to download and install anything separately.

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    what is the privacy policy of catlight?

    evyatar · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    does catlight has access to the code in tfs?

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    Tell USB status light the status of CatLight. Possible? Is there an API?

    haniball · 1 · Last reply by haniball

    I have a USB StatusLight that I can tell the Status. It was sold to display when you have an E-Mail but I can set the state via C#. Would be perfect for CatLight. Is there an API or Hook or something where I can get the status Information Green or Red?

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    What happens when work item is acknowledged?

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    When work item query is acknowledged, CatLight marks all work items as read and remembers their state. If you use "show changes" mode, the app will hide all acknowledged work items. If you use "show all" mode, they will no longer be bold. 

    When work item changes in TFS, it will be marked as new and it will re-appear on the dashboard.

    Work item is acknowledged automatically when you click on it.

    When all work items are acknowledged, and there are no more alerts, tray icon will change from a solid cat to an outline.

    All those changes happen in the

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    Is there a limit to the number of Team Projects the dashboard will display?

    Simon Croad · 4 · Last reply by catlight

    I've just downloaded the latest CatLight, When connecting to our defaultcollection, Most Team Projects are displayed but other Team Projects and thier builds are missing, Is there a limit to the number of Team Projects the dashboard will display?